Read Aloud andIllustrated StoriesKidly is a high quality, safe,
new generation reading platform for kids.
Kidly's Pedagogical Quality
ensures safe and
high quality screen time for kids.
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ReadventureKidly's Readventure Choice Stories aim to cultivate a reading habit in children from an early age, and help support their decision-making abilities. Readers make choices to direct the story, and choose their own adventure!
Join Your Child's AdventureMonitor the stories your child has been reading and their reading time via the parent panel. Make reading recommendations by adding stories to their reading list.
A Gamified Reading ExperienceReading is even more fun now with the chance to win motivating badges and Kidly characters!
Kidly Meditation ModuleDesigned by experts, especially for kids. Explore breathing exercises, guided meditation and physical relaxation videos.
Pedagogical Quality CertificateKidly has been evaluated by independent educational researchers from Finland, the world leaders in education, and been granted the Education Alliance Finland Certificate. According to the Education Alliance Finland evaluation, Kidly represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently.
Stories for Today's KidsEach story published in Kidly advocates social equality, respect for diversity, and fosters the love of all living things! Kidly titles on subjects such as philosophy, science, art, animal rights, mindfulness and yoga are available for different age groups. Join the fun!
An Ever-expanding LibraryAn ever-expanding pool of read aloud and
illustrated stories means the joy of reading
never has to end!
Join Kidly characters created with great care,
in fun and educational adventures,
only on Kidly!

New generation
stories for kids written under
psychologist guidance, on Kidly!

To provide quality screen time for preschoolers,
school-age kids and tweens, download Kidly now!

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